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"SpeM PetraM" Eau de Parfum

Ref.: "SpeM PetraM" Eau de Parfum
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SpeM PertaM - Eau de Parfum 2019

100ml Eau de Parfum Numbered - Limited Edition

Dreamed, Created & Made in Grasse


SpeM PetraM

I discover the days

As if they were known to me

Without memory

Every moment is a return to the forgotten known


The Vase that our hands held strong

From hands to hands

Of this world or Another

Gone so far, returned


From one bank to another

Carried by the tire of wings

Lying on the ground

At the feet of Him 


lost, never forgotten…

the Head, the hair, the Feet, from Earth to Heaven,

Tent planted in a thousand Places

from Alpha to solar Omega


SpeM PetraM

Hidden, Loved, poorly loved by men,

Light born from the Stone, Flower-Leaves in Radiance,

Treasure of Love and dust


Even more beautiful

infinitely, Body & Ankh

nestled in the Hollow of the Rock

In the hollow of Itself


Light of the Light

For his humble Infinite

Celestial Cave, sacred ritual

to the freckle of the mixed Oil


SpeM PetraM

Vial of Humanity with a sacred price,

given, received, Talent.

Poured Incense Tears of Joy



Scepter Love thrown to the Heavens,

Horizon standing

Cup which welcomes

the ultimate Essence Nard


Vial of Gold that radiates, flows, insane... 


Goddess of Hope


I love You 

Now, Change 

Love love


SpeM PetraM 


from mad men's Gold

to the Stone of Hope


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Wooded Spiced Aromatic


Head: Tears of Oliban Incense, Cinnamome, Bay, Saffron 

Core : Balsam Fir, Cabreuva, Damascena Rose

Base: Nard, Musk, Oriental Cedar