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Pyrit Ana Tra, Eau de Parfum 100ml

Ref.: Pyrit Ana Tra New Eau de Parfum
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NEW Pyrit Ana Tra - Eau de Parfum 2018

100ml Eau de Parfum Numbered - Limited Edition

Dreamed, Created & Made in Grasse


Pyrit Ana Tra

At the beginning, the Principle, the Substance, the Essence

To remember, in the Principle is the Verb, Being

Inspired principle, the water and the fire, the vapor between both Waters

In the Memories of Unlimitedness, Substance Stone, Infinite Interiority

The Perfume is a Word

An Alchemy of syllables, three syllables, the first ones, Pyrit Ana Tra

The fourteenth is ONE

temperance, Vibration of the world of the invisible

Essence in search of Pure Energy, passed though the fire of 13 lights.

Subtle Angel, Consciousness of the soul-of-life,

Let flow soft and deep Light like a balm in peace of mind …

Winged Angel from the world of the spirit, volatile of the Alchemists, oscillating from Gold to Silver, from the sun to the moon, from the visible to the invisible, the manifesto of the power of transmutation

Imagination of our five spiritual, unconscious senses…

Harmony of the thirteen Virtues and Powers, Invocations, Intentions …

Pure movement of the lentisque pistachier, profound mystery of an oud carried in the enigmatic intuition of the nargamotha…

If Fate is to be undergone, Providence is given by the Imagination from above; greatness, harmony and light

Stone of the inner evolution, the feelings, beyond the Ego, perseveringly.

Sow the Talents in the sun, achieving …

Transcendence, Dream [PYRIT

Soft first name derived of Hebraic Hannah, the Grace …

The primitive meaning of Anima is breath, wind, then, breath, life, spirit, soul … Forefathers, Memories [ANA

A line … Through the veil of union

The Man, crossed, Lightning, Glistens

The Man, from the the shadow to the Light, by the Power

Illumination [TRA


Woody, Oud & Leather, Floral Musky

Head notes : Petitgrain, Néroli, Licorice, Cumin 

Heart notes : Pistachio Lentisk, Oud, Birch, Galbanum , Nargamotha

Top notes : Ambergris, Tobacco, Musk