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"Quartz Quantic 17:8" - Eau de Parfum

Ref.: Quartz Quantic Eau de Parfum
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"Quartz Quantic" - Eau de Parfum

Creation 2021

100ml Eau de Parfum - Limited Edition

Dreamed, Created & Made in Grasse


Q.uart.z Quantic 17:8


Smell the M.iracle 


Feel the M.iracle

Thinking. Reflecting the Light 

Thinking, healing …

Reflecting the Light 

ticking, coin toss, Mystery …


The Glaive sparkles, the golden swords twirl

Gold of Mary

and the two Suns dance

Benevolent intent is a silent language

The Forty precedes the Rebirth Flame


Q.anticle, Quantic Quartz , echoes 

On the Stone, Green Light of the Living Prophets

Quartz - Grace, Infinite Recognition…

Germinate the seed of the Soul - Love

Feel, Smell


Listen to the light

Read the Word again, connect it all to that blows

The Key rutile, tears the veil

walks on the water, swirls the time

The new Birth, carried by the two Angels


From Earth springs the Aram Fire, the Favorite

Warrior Woman of the one who was, who is and who comes

Him and Wings

Let the Stone be intuitive and oscillating,

Vibrates the Phoenix in you


Prima Materia

Feel Yourself




«I want it»


Head: Scots Pine Needle, Oliban essence, Bergamot, Hyssop, Kunzea Ambigua, Tagete Gold of Mary

Heart: Damascus Rose, Magnolia

Base: Musk, Nargamotha, Tonka Bean, Oliban resin