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Dreamed, Created & Made in Grasse, in France since 19 years.

Stones & Perfumes - Poem Stones Perfumes

No test on animals  & Cruelty-Free. Without additive, fixator and glycerine.

Any sample not coming directly from our perfume house cannot be guaranteed authentic.

N° ADEME : FR280287_01BIYN

  • White Stone Prophecy 19:1.0 - New

    White Stone Prophecy 19:1.0 - New - Eau de Parfum

    Creation 2023

    100ml Eau de Parfum - Limited Edition



    White Stone Prophecy


    « To him who overcomes I will give some of the hidden manna to eat. And I will give him a white stone, and on the stone a new name written which no one knows except him who receives it.”

    (Revelation 2:17)   : 19


    A New Name, a White Prophecy


    The Arcana reveal...

    19, the Sun: Success, Fulfillment & Peace

    10, the Wheel of Fortune: Providence & Transformation

    1, the Bateleur: Energy & Beginning


    The White Work of spiritual alchemy is the second step in the process that leads to the new man.

    It’s a resurrection, symbol of a new form of existence, a spiritual rebirth of a pure, diaphanous form, a child dressed in white, a white stone.

    The Soul rises, like the air, towards the higher principle, the Source, the Divine.






    Water Raw Light of Wisdom

    through the birch forests


    High, Pass the Truth Mirror

    by Whiteness, Incense, magic


    from the Grass of the Virgin

    to the Tree of Life that springs


    Grass of the stars flies

    Madness, shooting violets


    Soft outstretched hands

    caress Victory


    Without a sound, resounds

    Motionless time pauses


    The Word shines


    And the Universe becomes Source


    stone harsh light

    White Prophecy, Pure

    marked with a stone


    With a New Name

    Made the Sky Man

    of a thousand colors in One


    Pass the Ring that bewitches

    White, Glow and stretches

    Carries and invites to travel


    Woody, Aromatic, Musky

    Top Notes: Frankincense, Birch, White Myrtle, Hyssop, Mint

    Heart Notes: White Violet, Sage

    Base Notes: Wood, Myrrh, White Musk, Ambrette, Tree Moss

    225.00 €
  • "M.oldavite 18:9" - Eau de Parfum

    "M.oldavite" - Eau de Parfum

    Creation 2022

    100ml Eau de Parfum - Limited Edition

    M.oldavite 18:9 Perfume ????????
    2 times in the Top10 of Best Perfumes 2022 by CaFleureBon
    Olivier Durbano Poem Stones Perfumes
    Dreamed, Created & Made in Grasse for 18 Years
    On the Spiritual Way of Stones and Incenses

    M.oldavite 18:9

    M.oldavite, M.essenger from another world… Here & Now Stone of Consciousness - Force of love - Green Light - 18:9 Under the impact of a meteorite more than 14 million years ago, drops of molten rock are projected into the atmosphere on earth, Sky-Earth union, giving birth to moldavite. This high-vibration stone diffuses its Green Light with healing power, Force of Love and invites us to welcome this love whose origin is supra-terrestrial to manifest it within our life in matter. Green is a symbol of nature. of life, of renewal, of the Presence of God in the hearts of human beings. 18, major arcana of the Tarot, feminine principle, the Shadows, the Moon which represents all that is buried in each of us, and which precedes the light... The vibrations of 18 originate in the number 9 which symbolizes transformation, renewal, wisdom to refocus on the essential, to bring together the multiple in order to reform unity... Bohemian angelica, herb of the Holy Spirit, herb of Angels..., Angelica Archangelica owes its name to the Archangel Raphael who revealed the healing properties of angelica to a sleeping hermit. 9, the Hermit, lights up with his lantern. The Moon illuminates the path, that of the depths of being, of the Self. 9: the end of a shadow. A light in the night. A light to see the end of the veil.

    The One Conscious, above the two opposites Washed, born of the Waters Vibrates extended embraces may the past which is no more born, just, instantly, In the Beginning and Eternity I am Life Light Perfume and vibrate be the fire Be Light

    Be everything Powerful who has no name One in the silence, the nothing, darkness, oblivion, motionlessness, A crazy dance Nothing, Full Presence, humble Free will Peace be in you Peace be with you Patience without time is nothing, Wisdom

    Top Notes: Angelica Roots, Angelica Seeds, Palo Santo, Frankincense, Star Anise, Abstinthe, Pink Pepper Heart Notes: Rosewood, Magnolia, Absolute Lavandin, Immortelle, Hyssop Base Notes: Haitian Vetyver, Elemi Gum Resin, Moss, Musk


    225.00 €
  • "Quartz Quantic 17:8" - Eau de Parfum

    "Quartz Quantic" - Eau de Parfum

    Creation 2021

    100ml Eau de Parfum - Limited Edition

    Dreamed, Created & Made in Grasse


    Q.uart.z Quantic 17:8


    Smell the M.iracle 


    Feel the M.iracle

    Thinking. Reflecting the Light 

    Thinking, healing …

    Reflecting the Light 

    ticking, coin toss, Mystery …


    The Glaive sparkles, the golden swords twirl

    Gold of Mary

    and the two Suns dance

    Benevolent intent is a silent language

    The Forty precedes the Rebirth Flame


    Q.anticle, Quantic Quartz , echoes 

    On the Stone, Green Light of the Living Prophets

    Quartz - Grace, Infinite Recognition…

    Germinate the seed of the Soul - Love

    Feel, Smell


    Listen to the light

    Read the Word again, connect it all to that blows

    The Key rutile, tears the veil

    walks on the water, swirls the time

    The new Birth, carried by the two Angels


    From Earth springs the Aram Fire, the Favorite

    Warrior Woman of the one who was, who is and who comes

    Him and Wings

    Let the Stone be intuitive and oscillating,

    Vibrates the Phoenix in you


    Prima Materia

    Feel Yourself




    «I want it»


    Head: Scots Pine Needle, Oliban essence, Bergamot, Hyssop, Kunzea Ambigua, Tagete Gold of Mary

    Heart: Damascus Rose, Magnolia

    Base: Musk, Nargamotha, Tonka Bean, Oliban resin

    225.00 €
  • "ARAM" Eau de Parfum - When the Rocks are the Light - Tribute to Syria

    "ARAM" - Eau de Parfum

    Creation 2020

    100ml Eau de Parfum - Limited Edition

    Dreamed, Created & Made in Grasse


    Aram Inspiration


    « Twenty years, first journey away, 

    A first flight, a wonderful feeling on the plane, touching the clouds, going back where I’ve never been…

    a first experience, guided by Providence, which takes me to a dream country…

    which from the first moments will be a land of original heart, a recognized land, images, faces, words, music, smells… 

    Re connection to the Roots and fertile germ of a forgotten Humanity


    Syria, from the roads of Damascus to the streets of Aleppo,

    Earth-sand dust

    Millennial Stones

    Baths sources resources

    Spirit above the waters

    Spirit above the stones

    A universal Love born 

    Syria Love





    I ll come back"


    Aram, Aram blows…

    When the Stones are Light

    On an Earth World that has withered their Souls

    And in the Silence of a Profound Healing

    Think… Bandage the body, and the renewed mind


    Aram, Aram Kepha…

    Today the words are Silence

    Time makes itself Known to the shadows of illusion

    A Breeze goes by, Eternal Wake, Unique

    And Light comes


    Aram, Aram blows…

    Hope in our Hearts, Supreme Eye

    Sprout since Time immemorial, Eternal Rose

    Present New to the Mind, Truth

    A Breeze comes


    Aram, Aram… 

    Consciousness as a Full Moon

    In the Flesh and the Blood Infinitely

    Vibrating Peace on Earth as in the Heavens

    Providence Smile spreads


    Aram, Aram blows…

    A Healing Perfume, Water streams endlessly

    The Illusion passes away, Heavens and Earth combine 

    Leave our souls, the Awakening within ourselves

    Victorious, is written


    Aram, Aram Light…

    Remembrance of Naaman, Grace from one to another

    Healed World, Alone, Deed from the Breeze that is

    “Goddess”, benevolent Spiral Stars, Two, All, Other

    Fish, Dove, Fortune from the God House


    Aram, Aram Blows…

    Sun and Moon enlighten with the same Strength 

    Born Love, Unadorned Man, New Earth

     Initial, Pure Alliances of Essences

    When the Stones are Light… He is He 





    When the Stones are Light

    16 : 7 


    Head: grapefruit, elemi, olibanum, artemisia, cistus

    Heart: Green    tea, Damask rose, Gum Ammoniac incense, cassie, tobacco 

    Base: cedar wood, balms (benzoin, myrrh,olibanum), vetiver

    225.00 €
  • Extrait Black Tourmaline Exclusive Gift Box

    Black Tourmaline Exclusive Gift Box

    Extrait de Parfum "Black Tourmaline" 30 ml Limited Edition

    Black tourmaline adjustabe drawstring Bracelet

    1 litte Black Tourmaline Stone

    Exclusive Limited edition 

    220.00 €
  • Rock Crystal, Eau de Parfum 100ml




    A rare and precious essence, a poetic awakening of the senses. An elixir of rock crystal with a hint of frankincense: Somalian Olibanum, Benzoin and Myrrh... Centuries ago, rock crystal was thought to be ice that could not be melted, hence the Greek name "krustallos", meaning ice. Over a period of two million years, a mysterious relationship has developed between man and rock crystal. This mineral represents the link between man and nature, the notion of man's place within the universe. A union of man and God. Symbolising protection and purification, rock crystal leads to the clarity of mind, soul and body.



    A resinous substance venerated for tens of centuries and known as " the celestial fragrance of serenity", Frankincense carries prayers uttered by mortals towards the heavens. Rising columns of fragrant smoke symbolise  the joining of heaven and earth. Symbolising purification, frankincense uplifts the spirit towards the divine.


    Eau de parfum inspired by legend and symbolize of rock crystal:

    Top notes: orange flower, pepper, coriander, cardamom, cumin

    Middle notes: frankincense, olibanum, benzoin, myrrh, cistus

    Base notes: sandalwood, cedar and vetiver, everlasting flower, oakmoss, musk

    100ml 20%

    Made in Grasse, France

    225.00 €
  • Bon cadeau de 60€ & multiples valable dans les 3 galeries à Grasse

    Bon d'achat cadeau  de 60€ & multiples valable dans les 3 galeries à Grasse

    Galerie Pierres Poèmes Parfums & Bijoux - Place aux Aires 

    Grace Concept Store & Workshop - 24 rue de l'Amiral de Grasse

    Grace Concept Store & Café - 8 rue de l'Oratoire

    ouverture sur rendez-vous


    60.00 €
  • Amethyst, Eau de Parfum 100ml




    The amethyst which was considered for a long time like one of the most precious stones due toits purple, lilac, or mauve color, derives its name from the Greek “Amethustos” which means “protects against inebriety”.In the Antiquity, the amethyst was considered to be a talisman against drunkenness and a protection against poison and ill fate. It was a symbol of self-effacement, inner peace, andtemperance but was also associated with the purifying force of the spirit.Mythology told that the Greeks used cups made of amethyst in order to protect themselves against the excesses of alcohol yet water poured in those cups made out of amethyst took onthe color of wine.The Eau de Parfum Améthyste also belongs to the family of spicy woody perfumes; a perfume that is mysterious and powdery, protective and fruity, like a resuscitated secret.
    Top notes are: bergamot, pepper, grape, raspberry (hesperidic, spicy, fruity)
    Heart notes are: incense, palisander wood, jasmin, orris (woody floral)
    Base notes are: vegetable amber, sandalwood, musk, vanilla, (woody, musky, vanillic)

    100ml 20%

    Made in Grasse, France

    225.00 €