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Rock Crystal, Eau de Parfum 100ml

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A rare and precious essence, a poetic awakening of the senses. An elixir of rock crystal with a hint of frankincense: Somalian Olibanum, Benzoin and Myrrh... Centuries ago, rock crystal was thought to be ice that could not be melted, hence the Greek name "krustallos", meaning ice. Over a period of two million years, a mysterious relationship has developed between man and rock crystal. This mineral represents the link between man and nature, the notion of man's place within the universe. A union of man and God. Symbolising protection and purification, rock crystal leads to the clarity of mind, soul and body.



A resinous substance venerated for tens of centuries and known as " the celestial fragrance of serenity", Frankincense carries prayers uttered by mortals towards the heavens. Rising columns of fragrant smoke symbolise  the joining of heaven and earth. Symbolising purification, frankincense uplifts the spirit towards the divine.


Eau de parfum inspired by legend and symbolize of rock crystal:

Top notes: orange flower, pepper, coriander, cardamom, cumin

Middle notes: frankincense, olibanum, benzoin, myrrh, cistus

Base notes: sandalwood, cedar and vetiver, everlasting flower, oakmoss, musk

100ml 20%

Made in Grasse, France