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"M.oldavite 18:9" - Eau de Parfum

Ref.: M.oldavite Eau de Parfum
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"M.oldavite" - Eau de Parfum

Creation 2022

100ml Eau de Parfum - Limited Edition

M.oldavite 18:9 Perfume ????????
2 times in the Top10 of Best Perfumes 2022 by CaFleureBon
Olivier Durbano Poem Stones Perfumes
Dreamed, Created & Made in Grasse for 18 Years
On the Spiritual Way of Stones and Incenses

M.oldavite 18:9

M.oldavite, M.essenger from another world… Here & Now Stone of Consciousness - Force of love - Green Light - 18:9 Under the impact of a meteorite more than 14 million years ago, drops of molten rock are projected into the atmosphere on earth, Sky-Earth union, giving birth to moldavite. This high-vibration stone diffuses its Green Light with healing power, Force of Love and invites us to welcome this love whose origin is supra-terrestrial to manifest it within our life in matter. Green is a symbol of nature. of life, of renewal, of the Presence of God in the hearts of human beings. 18, major arcana of the Tarot, feminine principle, the Shadows, the Moon which represents all that is buried in each of us, and which precedes the light... The vibrations of 18 originate in the number 9 which symbolizes transformation, renewal, wisdom to refocus on the essential, to bring together the multiple in order to reform unity... Bohemian angelica, herb of the Holy Spirit, herb of Angels..., Angelica Archangelica owes its name to the Archangel Raphael who revealed the healing properties of angelica to a sleeping hermit. 9, the Hermit, lights up with his lantern. The Moon illuminates the path, that of the depths of being, of the Self. 9: the end of a shadow. A light in the night. A light to see the end of the veil.

The One Conscious, above the two opposites Washed, born of the Waters Vibrates extended embraces may the past which is no more born, just, instantly, In the Beginning and Eternity I am Life Light Perfume and vibrate be the fire Be Light

Be everything Powerful who has no name One in the silence, the nothing, darkness, oblivion, motionlessness, A crazy dance Nothing, Full Presence, humble Free will Peace be in you Peace be with you Patience without time is nothing, Wisdom

Top Notes: Angelica Roots, Angelica Seeds, Palo Santo, Frankincense, Star Anise, Abstinthe, Pink Pepper Heart Notes: Rosewood, Magnolia, Absolute Lavandin, Immortelle, Hyssop Base Notes: Haitian Vetyver, Elemi Gum Resin, Moss, Musk