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1 bottle Eau de Parfum Promeéthée 100 ml for any order equal to or greater than 210€

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1 bottle Eau de Parfum Promeéthée 100 ml for any order equal to or greater than 210€
  • "M.oldavite 18:9" - Eau de Parfum - New

    "M.oldavite" - Eau de Parfum

    Creation 2022

    100ml Eau de Parfum - Limited Edition

    Dreamed, Created & Made in Grasse

    M.oldavite 18:9

    M.oldavite, M.essenger from another world… Here & Now Stone of Consciousness - Force of love - Green Light - 18:9 Under the impact of a meteorite more than 14 million years ago, drops of molten rock are projected into the atmosphere on earth, Sky-Earth union, giving birth to moldavite. This high-vibration stone diffuses its Green Light with healing power, Force of Love and invites us to welcome this love whose origin is supra-terrestrial to manifest it within our life in matter. Green is a symbol of nature. of life, of renewal, of the Presence of God in the hearts of human beings. 18, major arcana of the Tarot, feminine principle, the Shadows, the Moon which represents all that is buried in each of us, and which precedes the light... The vibrations of 18 originate in the number 9 which symbolizes transformation, renewal, wisdom to refocus on the essential, to bring together the multiple in order to reform unity... Bohemian angelica, herb of the Holy Spirit, herb of Angels..., Angelica Archangelica owes its name to the Archangel Raphael who revealed the healing properties of angelica to a sleeping hermit. 9, the Hermit, lights up with his lantern. The Moon illuminates the path, that of the depths of being, of the Self. 9: the end of a shadow. A light in the night. A light to see the end of the veil.

    The One Conscious, above the two opposites Washed, born of the Waters Vibrates extended embraces may the past which is no more born, just, instantly, In the Beginning and Eternity I am Life Light Perfume and vibrate be the fire Be Light

    Be everything Powerful who has no name One in the silence, the nothing, darkness, oblivion, motionlessness, A crazy dance Nothing, Full Presence, humble Free will Peace be in you Peace be with you Patience without time is nothing, Wisdom

    Top Notes: Angelica Roots, Angelica Seeds, Palo Santo, Frankincense, Star Anise, Abstinthe, Pink Pepper Heart Notes: Rosewood, Magnolia, Absolute Lavandin, Immortelle, Hyssop Base Notes: Haitian Vetyver, Elemi Gum Resin, Moss, Musk


    225.00 €
  • "Quartz Quantic 17:8" - Eau de Parfum

    "Quartz Quantic" - Eau de Parfum

    Creation 2021

    100ml Eau de Parfum - Limited Edition

    Dreamed, Created & Made in Grasse


    Q.uart.z Quantic 17:8


    Smell the M.iracle 


    Feel the M.iracle

    Thinking. Reflecting the Light 

    Thinking, healing …

    Reflecting the Light 

    ticking, coin toss, Mystery …


    The Glaive sparkles, the golden swords twirl

    Gold of Mary

    and the two Suns dance

    Benevolent intent is a silent language

    The Forty precedes the Rebirth Flame


    Q.anticle, Quantic Quartz , echoes 

    On the Stone, Green Light of the Living Prophets

    Quartz - Grace, Infinite Recognition…

    Germinate the seed of the Soul - Love

    Feel, Smell


    Listen to the light

    Read the Word again, connect it all to that blows

    The Key rutile, tears the veil

    walks on the water, swirls the time

    The new Birth, carried by the two Angels


    From Earth springs the Aram Fire, the Favorite

    Warrior Woman of the one who was, who is and who comes

    Him and Wings

    Let the Stone be intuitive and oscillating,

    Vibrates the Phoenix in you


    Prima Materia

    Feel Yourself




    «I want it»


    Head: Scots Pine Needle, Oliban essence, Bergamot, Hyssop, Kunzea Ambigua, Tagete Gold of Mary

    Heart: Damascus Rose, Magnolia

    Base: Musk, Nargamotha, Tonka Bean, Oliban resin

    225.00 €
  • "SpeM PetraM" Eau de Parfum

    SpeM PertaM - Eau de Parfum 2019

    100ml Eau de Parfum Numbered - Limited Edition

    Dreamed, Created & Made in Grasse


    SpeM PetraM

    I discover the days

    As if they were known to me

    Without memory

    Every moment is a return to the forgotten known


    The Vase that our hands held strong

    From hands to hands

    Of this world or Another

    Gone so far, returned


    From one bank to another

    Carried by the tire of wings

    Lying on the ground

    At the feet of Him 


    lost, never forgotten…

    the Head, the hair, the Feet, from Earth to Heaven,

    Tent planted in a thousand Places

    from Alpha to solar Omega


    SpeM PetraM

    Hidden, Loved, poorly loved by men,

    Light born from the Stone, Flower-Leaves in Radiance,

    Treasure of Love and dust


    Even more beautiful

    infinitely, Body & Ankh

    nestled in the Hollow of the Rock

    In the hollow of Itself


    Light of the Light

    For his humble Infinite

    Celestial Cave, sacred ritual

    to the freckle of the mixed Oil


    SpeM PetraM

    Vial of Humanity with a sacred price,

    given, received, Talent.

    Poured Incense Tears of Joy



    Scepter Love thrown to the Heavens,

    Horizon standing

    Cup which welcomes

    the ultimate Essence Nard


    Vial of Gold that radiates, flows, insane... 


    Goddess of Hope


    I love You 

    Now, Change 

    Love love


    SpeM PetraM 


    from mad men's Gold

    to the Stone of Hope


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    Wooded Spiced Aromatic


    Head: Tears of Oliban Incense, Cinnamome, Bay, Saffron 

    Core : Balsam Fir, Cabreuva, Damascena Rose

    Base: Nard, Musk, Oriental Cedar



    225.00 €
  • Amethyst, Eau de Parfum 100ml




    The amethyst which was considered for a long time like one of the most precious stones due toits purple, lilac, or mauve color, derives its name from the Greek “Amethustos” which means “protects against inebriety”.In the Antiquity, the amethyst was considered to be a talisman against drunkenness and a protection against poison and ill fate. It was a symbol of self-effacement, inner peace, andtemperance but was also associated with the purifying force of the spirit.Mythology told that the Greeks used cups made of amethyst in order to protect themselves against the excesses of alcohol yet water poured in those cups made out of amethyst took onthe color of wine.The Eau de Parfum Améthyste also belongs to the family of spicy woody perfumes; a perfume that is mysterious and powdery, protective and fruity, like a resuscitated secret.
    Top notes are: bergamot, pepper, grape, raspberry (hesperidic, spicy, fruity)
    Heart notes are: incense, palisander wood, jasmin, orris (woody floral)
    Base notes are: vegetable amber, sandalwood, musk, vanilla, (woody, musky, vanillic)

    100ml 20%

    Made in Grasse, France

    210.00 €
  • Amethyst, Extrait de Parfum 30ml : 2 for 1

    2 FOR 1/ Extrait de Parfum 30ml vapo. Made in Grasse / Limited Edition 2018



    since 2006

    Extrait de Parfum inspired by Amethyst - 30ml - 30%

    Extrait de Parfum inspired by the symbolism and legend of Amethyst :In Antiquity Amethyst was a talisman against drunkenness, a protection from poison and bad luck; a symbol of modesty, internal peace and temperance. Also associated with the purifying force of the spirit, the amethyst, in between alchemy and spirituality, became a powdery, mysterious and bewitching elixir...  Olfactory family: Woody, spicyTop notes: Bergamot, Pepper, Grape, RaspberryMiddle notes: Incense, Rosewood, Jasmine, IrisBase notes: Vegetable amber, Sandalwood, Musk, Vanilla30ml SprayMade in Grasse, France

    350.00 €
  • Black Tourmaline, Eau de Parfum 100ml




    Stone of protection in the former legends, the Black Tourmaline would protect against the pernicious influence, turn own negativity into positives attitudes and would make a fence against fire projections and electrostatics phenomena.. It look like bruned wood by her aspect, the oil of earth, the smell of blown flame.It is also the symbol of a good implant and consciousness aroused, basic stone of the premium chakra.
    Fragrance type: woody, spicy, smoky
    Top notes: cardamom, coriander, cumin, frankincense, pepper
    Middle notes: smoked wood, oud, leather, precious woods
    Base notes: musk, amber, moss, patchouli
    100ml 20%
    Made in Grasse, France

    210.00 €