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Pink Quartz & Rose Gift Box Limited Edition

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Gift box "Rose Quartz" by Olivier Durbano

a pendant in pink quartz

& an Eau de parfum "Rose Quartz " (10 ml)

Limited Edition Box - non-contractual photos. the box set will be made according to the inspiration of Olivier Durbano

A pendant and an eau de parfum inspired by the legend and the symbolism of the pink quartz. The fundamental stone of universal love and infinite compassion, compassion to oneself and others, pink quartz is linked to the chakra of the heart, open to imagination and inspiration, the source of inner peace, absolute calm and happiness. From the stone to the rose, the flower of love and healing rituals, the essence of qualities such as purity, spirituality and compassion. Rose, mineral and vegetable, the most powerful symbols in the metaphysical world at the crossroads of the emotions in our lives, at the dawn of a new era to be invented together

Chypre Spicy

Head notes: Bergamot, Pink grapefruit, Somalian olibanum, Saffron, Ginger

Heart notes: Palmarosa, Damask rose, Indian rosewood

Base notes: Indian rose absolute, Ambergris, Patchouli, Benzoin, Myrrh, White musk