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"ARAM" Eau de Parfum - When the Rocks are the Light - Tribute to Syria

Ref.: "ARAM" Eau de Parfum
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"ARAM" - Eau de Parfum

Creation 2020

100ml Eau de Parfum - Limited Edition

Dreamed, Created & Made in Grasse


Aram Inspiration


« Twenty years, first journey away, 

A first flight, a wonderful feeling on the plane, touching the clouds, going back where I’ve never been…

a first experience, guided by Providence, which takes me to a dream country…

which from the first moments will be a land of original heart, a recognized land, images, faces, words, music, smells… 

Re connection to the Roots and fertile germ of a forgotten Humanity


Syria, from the roads of Damascus to the streets of Aleppo,

Earth-sand dust

Millennial Stones

Baths sources resources

Spirit above the waters

Spirit above the stones

A universal Love born 

Syria Love





I ll come back"


Aram, Aram blows…

When the Stones are Light

On an Earth World that has withered their Souls

And in the Silence of a Profound Healing

Think… Bandage the body, and the renewed mind


Aram, Aram Kepha…

Today the words are Silence

Time makes itself Known to the shadows of illusion

A Breeze goes by, Eternal Wake, Unique

And Light comes


Aram, Aram blows…

Hope in our Hearts, Supreme Eye

Sprout since Time immemorial, Eternal Rose

Present New to the Mind, Truth

A Breeze comes


Aram, Aram… 

Consciousness as a Full Moon

In the Flesh and the Blood Infinitely

Vibrating Peace on Earth as in the Heavens

Providence Smile spreads


Aram, Aram blows…

A Healing Perfume, Water streams endlessly

The Illusion passes away, Heavens and Earth combine 

Leave our souls, the Awakening within ourselves

Victorious, is written


Aram, Aram Light…

Remembrance of Naaman, Grace from one to another

Healed World, Alone, Deed from the Breeze that is

“Goddess”, benevolent Spiral Stars, Two, All, Other

Fish, Dove, Fortune from the God House


Aram, Aram Blows…

Sun and Moon enlighten with the same Strength 

Born Love, Unadorned Man, New Earth

 Initial, Pure Alliances of Essences

When the Stones are Light… He is He 





When the Stones are Light

16 : 7 


Head: grapefruit, elemi, olibanum, artemisia, cistus

Heart: Green    tea, Damask rose, Gum Ammoniac incense, cassie, tobacco 

Base: cedar wood, balms (benzoin, myrrh,olibanum), vetiver